Expert services and high-quality products in the fields of hydraulics and pneumatics.

Tehohydro’s experts, with their solid professional skills and over 40 years of experience, are at your service. Our shop in Lappeenranta offers a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic products from leading manufacturers. On our premises, we run the largest hydraulic shop in the area as well as a hydraulic repair workshop.

Wide range of products

We carry a range of hydraulic and pneumatic products of high quality and technical versatility from the world’s leading manufacturers. In our shop, we have over 9,500 items of components, supplies and spare parts at your disposal. We can help you find the best and most functional solutions for your equipment and machinery. Our shop works in close cooperation with our repair workshop. This means that we can help you assess whether to repair your existing machine or part, or purchase a new one.

Design and manufacturing

Tehohydro designs and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Our systems are in use in many heavy-duty applications, such as industrial environments, workshops, production machinery, HGVs and heavy equipment. Our systems are manufactured cost-effectively, and they meet every client’s specific needs, thanks to our own system design, our in-depth know-how and experience of maintenance and repair work, our up-to-date product knowledge, and our high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic components and supplies.

Comprehensive hydraulic services

Tehohydro offers comprehensive hydraulic and pneumatic services with expertise and experience. With our different maintenance, measuring, testing and repair services, we can help our clients avoid breakages and malfunctions, reduce downtime, and keep machinery and equipment in effective use. Our services also help minimise maintenance costs. Regular maintenance and timely repair will boost the reliability and prolong the life of your hydraulic system. Whatever your need is, you can turn to us.